Monday, July 16, 2018

How to keep spiders away from the bed

1. Lady Bugs
While you don’t want ladybugs crawling around your house, if you have a garden that is right up against your house, introduce ladybugs to it. These incy wincy insects are great at keeping spiders out of your house.

Ladybugs feast on the same insects that attract spiders, virtually eliminating these eight-legged creatures’ food source, forcing them to seek sustenance elsewhere.

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Introducing ladybugs into your home environment keeps spiders away from the perimeter of your home. This also works if you have a lot of flowers or bushes that are close to the foundation of your home or near your windowsills.

2. Peppermint Oil
Pure peppermint oil is strong and not only do spiders absolutely hate it, but most other pests do too. The smell is extreme to small insects, which makes peppermint a excellent spider repellent that you can use to keep these creepy crawly insects out of your home. In addition it works great to repel wasps and yellow jackets too.

You can grab a plastic spray bottle and combine peppermint oil with water to make it last longer and to dilute the oil a bit, so it does not irritate the skin of people or pets. Simply spray this everywhere spiders tend to go to repel them naturally.

how to keep spiders away from the bed         

You can also soak cotton balls with peppermint essential oil and place them strategically throughout your house, wherever you think they might be gaining access as one of the many natural ways to keep spiders away.

3. Natural Spider Spray
Natural (Aggressive) Spider Repellent Spray Recipe
1 cup apple cider vinegar
one teaspoon oil
one cup pepper
one teaspoon liquid dish soap.

You can make your natural spider repellent spray and spray this in areas where spiders tend to congregate, such as the bathroom and other damp areas in your home.

You should also spray it outside of your home along windows, windowsills, and doors, so spiders do not want to enter.

To make this spray, combine the apple cider vinegar, oil, pepper, and liquid soap. Put all of these in a spray bottle and mix well. Make sure to respray everything every couple of days and after it rains.

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4. Keep Things Clean
Spiders love clutter, and they like to set up shop behind boxes and other things that are just sitting there. Keeping the house clean and free of clutter is an obvious and natural remedy for spiders. Dust at least once a week and make sure to put all boxes and packages away quickly to prevent spiders from spinning a spider web. You should also remove cobwebs as they occur.

It is even more critical to clean up the exterior of your home by removing any vegetation in the yard that is close to the perimeter of your house to help create a spider free zone eliminating places for spiders and other insects to hide. Vegetation in your yard and around your home attracts spiders and are perfect places for spiders to spin their webs.

5. Get a Pet

Many pets, especially cats, will chase anything that moves and this includes spiders. Cats and other pets will chase anything that moves, making them natural spider repellents.

While they may not be able to eliminate all of them, if there is one running across the floor, they may be able to catch it for you.

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Just use caution if you have poisonous spiders in your home because these can harm animals too.

6. Clean Around the Perimeter
If you want to know how to keep spiders away from your home, the perimeter of your home should be free of things like wood piles, trash, and debris.

Spiders will hang out in these, and if they find a small entry through a crack in the wall or unsealed windowsill, they will make their way into your home. If you have a fireplace and need a woodpile, make sure that this is several feet from your home.

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7. Use Cedar
The smell of cedar wood is something that spiders are not crazy about so adding some cedar mulch around the perimeter of your home can prevent spiders from coming in. Just make sure that you use a good quality cedar oil or cedar wood and that you maintain it.

If you don’t want to spend the money on cedar mulch, you can also use cedar essential oil mixed with water and spray the exterior of your home on a regular basis. You can also place cedar in the house to repel spiders. The smell of cedar is an excellent spider repellent and can be used throughout your home as a natural remedy.  

What to eat with a sore throat

Start With Some Honey and Lemon

Honey and lemon are the two most promoted foods for helping to fight a sore throat. You’ll find that they are effective in the healing process, while also helping to ease the pain temporarily to make you feel a little normal.

Let’s start with the healing benefits. Both honey and lemon have antibacterial properties. They fight off the infection while using anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the swelling within the area. You’ll also fight off any other symptoms that you have linked to a sore throat.

If you know that your first symptom of getting ill is a sore throat, start right away with the honey and lemon. You’ll boost the immune system through the vitamin C and antioxidants to fight the virus or bacterial infection trying to take hold. The later symptoms won’t be as bad, and you’ll find that you can power through.

Most people will add the honey and lemon to hot liquid, usually tea. This is perfect for both healing and soothing the sore throat. The warm liquid will help to ease some of the inflammation and relax the muscles. You’ll find that the nerves aren’t as affected as much. Warm liquid also tends to be easier to swallow than anything cold.

The honey within the mixture also helps by lining the throat. You’ll find that liquids and food just slide right past the sore areas. Okay, so you don’t completely mask the pain, but you will help it temporarily while the antibacterial and antioxidant benefits get to work on the rest of your body.

On top of this, the honey helps to suppress a cough that you have. A tickly cough is the worst thing when you have a sore throat. It makes you use the muscles and feels like razor blades at the back of your throat. Suppressing the cough is a powerful way to soothe some of the pain.

Try Getting Nutrients Through Smoothies

It may be time to pull out the blender. A green smoothie will be a powerful way to get your nutrients without affecting your sore throat that much. In fact, the smoothie will help to soothe some of the pain and promote the healing process.

Green smoothies are full of iron, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants. You can add blueberries, lemons, bananas, and more. Okay, maybe the ingredients won’t work together that well, but you can make multiple green smoothies throughout the day to incorporate various ingredients. Make sure you use some milk or Greek yogurt to help make your smoothie creamy and get more calcium and calories to keep your intake up while you’re ill—chances are you won’t eat as many calories throughout the day because of a sore throat.

Smoothies are going to be far easier to drink. Even cold, the liquid will be easier than trying to get solid pieces of fruit or vegetables past the sore area. Do you really relish the thought of eating a crunchy apple or celery just to get some of your daily nutrients? Do you really want to try swallowing chunks of fruits and vegetables when you can blend them down?

Opt for the smoothies over the juice. While juice can be a good way to get some of your nutrients, smoothies will be better overall. Because blending uses the whole fruit and vegetable, you still get the fiber. This means the sugars aren’t instantly released into the liver, and you don’t end up with such a high risk of developing Type II diabetes and other health problems.

You can also freeze your smoothies and create some ice cream with them. The cold ice cream slides down the throat to eliminate some of the swallowing motions, and the freezing cold helps to numb the area. You get that temporary relief from the pain that you’re craving right now.

Did your mother make you chicken soup every time you were ill? If you watch TV, you’ll likely hear the mention of chicken soup while ill. This isn’t because it’s just warm and something nutritious, but because it really works to help ease sore throats. It also helps to fight the infection.

With any type of soup, you get a lot of vegetables and nutrients in a liquid form. The nutrients are easier for the body to absorb, while the liquid is easier to pass the throat. You don’t have that scratchy feeling as you try to eat the solid vegetables or meal.

Chicken when cooked also releases various amino acids. They help to support the cell structure and give your immune system a boost. You get the extra help to fight off the infection. And we can’t forget about some of the protein and calories. You’ll feel fuller throughout the day, so don’t feel as upset about being ill and constantly feeling hungry without being able to do anything.

We also can’t forget about the benefits of the hot liquid. As with the tea, the hot soup will help to soothe your muscles and reduce some of the inflammation. You’ll feel happier within yourself to help promote the healing.